NixCon 2022

Good Enough
10-21, 14:00–14:25 (Europe/Paris), Main track (Gym)

Nix and Nix users tend to see a little nugget of Nix and crystalize everything around it.
Nix is very "viral" in that way.

Sometimes you find imperfections in the system and it breaks everything: it is very difficult or impossible to finish the "Nixifying" or Ice-Nineing of your project. How frustrating!
We also tend to be "Nix Maximalists", pushing Nix to the very edge of our domain. Building as much as possible as close to the final deliverable as we can.

This has extraordinary benefits and can present a really fun puzzle. But in some cases it has real costs around performance, usability, and adoption.

Let's talk about software which disrupts the crystal: software which is hard to "nixify." Let's also talk about amazing user experiences that become possible by taking one step back from the edge.

Do you allow your talk to be recorded? – yes What level of experience in Nix is the talk addressed to?