NixCon 2020: Online Edition

Domen Kožar

My mission is to bring Nix to en masse.

I've started using Nix in 2012 and after years of many contributions in free time, started using Nix exclusively in 2016 packaging up OpenStack and functional testing a cluster with scenarios.

In 2016 I've founded Enlambda consulting which helped many clients like Snabb and IOHK to adopt Nix as a way to solve interesting complex software distribution problems in our industry.


How to change the Nix ecosystem to become mainstream?
Domen Kožar

Nix is almost 20 years old.

The innovation Nix brought is now present in almost all recent packaging tooling,
while Nix hasn't been adopted yet by a larger audience.

Why should we care about that?

What can we do to remove the barriers to mainstream adoption?

We'll look at examples from books, similar stories and what people and leaders of our industry are saying.

We'll dive into each topic briefly, providing an opinionated set of goals to get Nix in hands of everyone.

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