NixCon 2020: Online Edition

Automating deployment with Hercules CI and NixOps
10-17, 12:15–12:40 (UTC), Main Stream

Introduction to Hercules CI, NixOps and a step by step demonstration of setting up a continuous delivery pipeline with these tools.

Hercules CI is a continuous integration service that coordinates build agents on your own infrastructure. It is built around Nix for the best developer user experience.

NixOps is the Nix ecosystem's primary deployment tool, supporting multiple clouds through its Nix-based input format.

By integrating the two, we achieve a continuous delivery pipeline that is configured entirely with Nix.

See also: Hercules CI Effects and NixOps.pdf (1.0 MB)

Founder of Hercules CI, the CI/CD service for Nix-based projects.
He's the author of Arion, a docker-compose wrapper for Nixified local development, gitignore.nix and every now and then he's involved with the NixOS module system, pre-commit-hooks.nix and dockerTools.

@robert_hensing on Twitter

roberth on GitHub and IRC