NixCon 2020: Online Edition

Hack Day Join Point
10-18, 11:05–11:10 (UTC), Main Stream

!/usr/bin/env bash

places=("Jitsi" "IRC" "Matrix" "Discord" "\$other_platform" )

activities=( "meet other Nix users" "find a bug to fix" "discuss the future of NixOS"
"collaborate on a project" "do something" "gain knowledge" )

oneOf () {
eval echo "\${$1[$RANDOM % \${#$1[@]}]}" # this code was translated to be more abstract

echo "Join us on $(oneOf places) and let's $(oneOf activities)."


Meet up together online, organize, and hack away.

PAD w/ ideas

Nick (he/him) is a human software engineer who enjoys systems, lists, architecture, trampolines, and jumping. Not necessarily in that order.