NixCon 2020: Online Edition

Nix at Chatroulette v2
10-16, 12:15–12:40 (UTC), Main Stream

People already familiar with Nix already know its benefits but what is the best way to tell others what they are missing out? How do you convince your employer and colleagues that using Nix is a good idea? Let me tell you how I did it at Chatroulette ( and show you that you can easily do it at your company too.

The main programming language at Chatroulette is Scala, a hybrid OOP-FP language that runs on the JVM, even though we only make use of the functional subset. We run the entire system on Kubernetes (Istio / Envoy) and deploy our microservices as Docker containers.

Introducing Nix in such a big system - running in different platforms - might not seem trivial but you would never know if you never try!

The talk will also touch on the current state of Nix in the Scala community. How many use Nix? How many don't know what Nix is? What can we do better?

The ultimate goal of this talk is to give you the itch to at least think about introducing it at your company.

Gabriel is a passionate Haskeller-Scalaer-Nixer-Vimmer software engineer. Highly active open-source contributor. Author of Practical FP in Scala. Currently working at Chatroulette.