NixCon 2022

Martin Schwaighofer

Martin Schwaighofer is a PhD student at JKU in Austria, interested in proving the link between a running system and it's source code.

Before his PhD and his journey into Nix he worked on Android apps with strict security requirements, where among other things he put a lot of effort into cleanly defining 'hard-to-manage' project dependencies so that they could be more easily consumed by his colleagues.

You can reach him via email, message him on Twitter or check what he's up to on GitHub. He's happy to get in touch with people that have the same interests and maybe even collaborate.


Reproducibly building artifacts that contain embedded signatures
Martin Schwaighofer

Signatures are annoying when you are trying build software reproducibly, especially when deeply embedded in the output artifact. Let's look at how we can tackle this problem elegantly with Nix.

Main track (Gym)