NixCon 2022

Carlos Maltzahn
  • Rethinking basic primitives for store based systems

Cleeyv has been working as a sysadmin for non-profits organizations since 2012, prioritizing support for software that is open source and privacy focused. He has been using NixOS since 2020 and became a Nixpkgs maintainer during Summer of Nix 2021.

  • Jitsi on NixOS
Daniel Baker

Daniel studied Control Theory, Estimation Theory, and Signal Processing. He spent many years, as a Systems Engineer, analyzing, building, and testing gimbal stabilized platforms. Following that he spent a few years developing Signal Processing and Signal Communications libraries. Now he is passionate about creating clear, maintainable, and well tested code in reproducible systems. He cares about mentoring, teaching, and making complicated software accessible for the end user.

  • jupyterWith: Making Jupyter Reproducible
Domen Kožar
  • Why we've built yet another Nix deployment tool
Eelco Dolstra

Eelco Dolstra started the Nix project as a PhD student at Utrecht University. He currently works at Determinate Systems.

  • Scaling Up Flakes
Farid Zakaria

Software Engineer with over a decade of experience. I like many of you, have discovered Nix and could not let it go. I have found success using Nix for personal and corporate environments. I have contributed mostly to the development and improvement of using Nix within the Java ecosystem. I am currently exploring ways to further leverage the Nix store in more fundamental ways.

  • Rethinking basic primitives for store based systems
Graham Christensen


  • Good Enough
Guillaume Desforges

Data & Software Engineer @ Tweag

  • Talking about Nix with friends
Guillaume Maudoux (@layus)

Guillaume uses nix a lot, and sometimes inadvertently dives into its source code.

He has a background in computer science, engineering and applied mathematics. He is passionate about understanding complex systems and untangling intricate issues.

  • Nix error traces improvements #6204
Jade Lovelace

Jade is a Computer Engineering student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. They are currently on internship working on financial software using Haskell and Nix at Mercury. While they're not hacking on tools or Posting, they like to bake and do pottery.

Jade uses Nix and NixOS extensively at work and at home, particularly for development environments and Haskell.

Their Web site can be found at

  • Debugging closure sizes graphically
John Ericson

John Ericson (@Ericson2314) first installed NixOS in 2014, and has been contributing back to the ecosystem in various ways every since. Since joining Obsidian Systems in 2017, he was able to complete his dream of seamless cross compilation as a first-class feature in Nixpkgs. In 2020 he started getting into the Nix codebase itself, working on the IPFS integration and Content-Addressed derivations. Over the years, John has become increasingly interested in the leveraging the layering of Nix as means of both taming complexity and broadening our community.

  • Learning the Nix Store layer

I'm a software and security engineer with a broad interest in many topics that somehow all end up leading me to Nix.

  • We should manage secrets the systemd way!
Leandro Emmanuel Reina Kiperman
  • 29 years old
  • Argentinian, but currently living in Germany
  • Embedded Linux Engineer @ OroraTech
  • Spanish and English speaker
  • Nix: a space odyssey

Happy NixOS user since 2015

  • Nix2container: faster container image rebuilds
Linus Heckemann

Linus got quite frustrated with building Docker images in 2015. He thought there must be a better way, and dreamt of something very much resembling Nix. Imagine his joy when he discovered that it had already been done! Linus rapidly developed a taste for Nix, became a contributor, and made several career decisions based on it, becoming release manager for two NixOS releases along the way. This led him to Determinate Systems, where he is working on improving the Nix ecosystem in general.

  • NixOS can live anywhere: why, how, and where?
Luc Perkins

I'm currently working full time on Nix advocacy and tools at Determinate Systems

  • Revolutionizing my daily development with Nix
Markus Kowalewski

Nix enthusiast since 2017, maintainer of 50+ packages, and author of the NixOS-QChem overlay.

In my day job, I am a professor for chemical physics at Stockholm University, who runs his research heavily with Nix.

  • Nix in a scientific environment: bringing together Nix's reproducibility with computational chemistry
Martin Schwaighofer

Martin Schwaighofer is a PhD student at JKU in Austria, interested in proving the link between a running system and it's source code.

Before his PhD and his journey into Nix he worked on Android apps with strict security requirements, where among other things he put a lot of effort into cleanly defining 'hard-to-manage' project dependencies so that they could be more easily consumed by his colleagues.

You can reach him via email, message him on Twitter or check what he's up to on GitHub. He's happy to get in touch with people that have the same interests and maybe even collaborate.

  • Reproducibly building artifacts that contain embedded signatures
Maximilian Bosch

I'm working as a systems administrator, software developer and Nix consultant for Mayflower GmbH. As an active member of the ecosystem I contribute back whatever is useful and maintain miscellaneous components for 5 years now.

  • Nix and legacy enterprise software development: an unlikely match made in heaven
Phillip Seeber

I've studied chemistry at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena where I specialised early on theoretical chemistry. Working on artifical photocatalysis for some time, I am now developing and implementing multiscale computational models for large and complex chemical systems in Haskell.
The complexity and diversity of computational chemistry software (mainly MPI parallel codes in C, Fortran, C++, Python, Ruby) and regularly breaking software on HPC clusters lead me to nix.
Meanwhile we gradually adopted more and more Nix and NixOS in the workflow in our workgroup.
I am currently writing my PhD thesis.

  • Nix in a scientific environment: bringing together Nix's reproducibility with computational chemistry

Passionate about the Linux and Open-Source world, I have been interested and involved with the Nix ecosystem since 2017.

Today, I am working in the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), where I am, among other things, developing Nix solutions for fundamental physics research.

  • Nix for particle accelerators, and the adventure in cross-compilation
Richard Brežák
  • Squeezing efficient and small Nix containers into Nomad
Ron Efroni

CEO @ Flox, bringing Nix to work.
Repeat founder, previously led Meta's Facebook Developer Infra Products teams.

  • Strong Nix
Silvan Mosberger

I'm living in Switzerland and studied computer science at ETHZ until 2020, after which I started working at Tweag. Starting 2017 I got an interest in Nix and have been part of the community ever since, known as infinisil. For my work I'm doing mostly working with Nix but sometimes also with Haskell.

  • QA Nix Lecture
Théophane Hufschmitt

Théophane is a software engineer at Tweag I/O, and lead of the Nix team there.
He's also an active Nix contributor and member of the NixOS foundation board.

  • Running the Nix daemon (nearly) rootless
Tom Bereknyei
  • flox to nix
Tom Scogland
  • Rethinking basic primitives for store based systems

tshaynik became interested Nix and NixOS out of an interest in functional programming and a frustration with more well-known Infrastructure as Code tools. tshaynik is passionate about deterministic software deployments, computational musicology, and improving access to open source, privacy-protecting software. He has participated in Summer of Nix in 2020 (as a participant) and 2021 (as a project lead).

  • Jitsi on NixOS
Valentin Gagarin

While switching careers to software engineering after years in education, film making and graphics design, Valentin got into Nix and NixOS on his never-ending endeavor of making computers work reliably in the long run. He had been an active member of the Nix community as @fricklerhandwerk before joining Tweag in 2022, helping newcomers, sharing knowledge, and contributing code fixes and clarifications of the documentation one pull request at a time.

Sponsored by Tweag, this year Valentin has been working on improving to the Nix onboarding experience, has founded and led the Nix documentation team to attack larger issues in the ecosystem, and helped Summer of Nix 2022 participants to accommodate their numerous contributions.

  • Improving Nix documentation
Weijia Wang

I am a student in theoretical computer science at the École normale supérieure.

  • Packaging Wayland applications on macOS
Yvan Sraka

Yvan Sraka has a master's degree in math and computer sciences applied to biology from the Sorbonne University in Paris. Having discovered C++ programming as a child, he is involved in open-source communities. His previous commercial experience includes working in 3D Graphics and Runtime design with Rust, Nix, and Haskell. He used to teach Systems programming, Architecture, and DevOps to master's students and design algorithm competitions and kids/teens coding workshops (where he helps them build small video games). He lives in Belgium, loves biking, hiking, climbing, and vegan cooking.

  • Write the Nix package of a Rust project in 2022: an opinionated comparison