NixCon 2022

Linus Heckemann

Linus got quite frustrated with building Docker images in 2015. He thought there must be a better way, and dreamt of something very much resembling Nix. Imagine his joy when he discovered that it had already been done! Linus rapidly developed a taste for Nix, became a contributor, and made several career decisions based on it, becoming release manager for two NixOS releases along the way. This led him to Determinate Systems, where he is working on improving the Nix ecosystem in general.


NixOS can live anywhere: why, how, and where?
Linus Heckemann

NixOS is extremely versatile in terms of ways to get it onto machines! Let's explore:
- How a Linux system boots
- What a NixOS system consists of
- How this enables deploying it to a wide variety of environments
- Various examples environments into which a NixOS system can be deployed

Main track (Gym)