NixCon 2022

Jitsi on NixOS
10-21, 12:20–12:25 (Europe/Paris), Main track (Gym)

Jitsi Meet is one of the most widely used options for open source video conferencing. In addition to basic video conferences, it also supports a substantial ecosystem of additional components and features, and while these add important functionality they also increase substantially the complexity of a deployment. As part of Summer of Nix 2021 and 2022 we have been working on dramatically simplifying the process of doing more complex, featureful deployments of Jitsi Meet by using the powerful packaging and configuration tools of NixOS. This talk will cover what we have done so far on this project, the work that still remains, and what this means more broadly for packaging and deploying large server-side open source projects on NixOS.

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Cleeyv has been working as a sysadmin for non-profits organizations since 2012, prioritizing support for software that is open source and privacy focused. He has been using NixOS since 2020 and became a Nixpkgs maintainer during Summer of Nix 2021.

tshaynik became interested Nix and NixOS out of an interest in functional programming and a frustration with more well-known Infrastructure as Code tools. tshaynik is passionate about deterministic software deployments, computational musicology, and improving access to open source, privacy-protecting software. He has participated in Summer of Nix in 2020 (as a participant) and 2021 (as a project lead).