NixCon 2023

Ryan Mulligan

ryantm has been using NixOS since 2015. In 2018, he made the r-ryantm which automatically opens thousands of pull requests to Nixpkgs every year. Ryan also created agenix for securing NixOS secrets and is a member of the Moderation Team focusing on organizing Discourse. Ryan is a software engineer at Replit helping them with developer experience and Nix.


Declaring an IDE with evalModules
Ryan Mulligan

The underlying machinery of the NixOS module system, evalModules, is useful for more than just declaring Operating Systems. At Replit, we use it to declare IDE plugins for language runtimes, code intelligence (LSP), runners, packagers, and debuggers. Learn how you can use evalModules for your own applications and how we use it to declare an IDE. During the hackday, let's adapt the IDE plugins to emacs, vim, or vscode!

Lecture hall (Room 122)