NixCon 2023

Alexander Sosedkin

Currently a Quality Engineer at Red Hat, Crypto team.

  • Bootstrapping Nix and Linux from TinyCC

microvm.nix, deadnix, nix-openwrt-imagebuilder

  • microvm.nix
Ben Radford

Ben is a software engineer at Tweag, where he spends his days working with Bazel and Nix.

  • Layered Nix Stores
Daniel Fullmer

Daniel is a software engineer at Anduril, and leads the device operating systems team. He has been an Nix enthusiast and contributor since 2015.

  • Automating testing of NixOS on physical machines
Eelco Dolstra

Eelco Dolstra started the Nix project as a PhD student at Utrecht University. He currently works at Determinate Systems.

  • Flake schemas
  • Nix State of the Union 2023

Nix / DevOps tinkerer. Likes reproducible builds and declarative infrastructure.

In the NixOS community since 2017, going down way too many rabbit holes. Currently spending most of his time on Tvix, a Nix reimplementation in (mostly) Rust.

  • Tvix
Jacek Galowicz

Freelance SWE consultant, trainer at and, maintainer of the NixOS integration test driver, C++ book author

  • Nix Training
Jade Lovelace

Jade is a Computer Engineering student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Their usual areas of focus are tooling, compilers, and operating systems.

Jade uses Nix and NixOS extensively, particularly for development environments and Haskell.

Their Web site can be found at

  • Finding things in nixpkgs and NixOS source
Jörg Thalheim

Ex-Systems-researcher and NixOS consultant working with Numtide. Maintainers of projects around nix including sops-nix, nixpkgs-review, nix-direnv, nix-update, nixos-shell, nixos-anywhere.

  • disko and nixos-anywhere: Declarative and Remote Installation of NixOS
  • Nix in Space

dude with a computer

  • disko and nixos-anywhere: Declarative and Remote Installation of NixOS
Linus Heckemann

I discovered Nix and NixOS for myself in 2016, and quickly became convinced that this is the way I want to do all my computing.

I joined the ranks of Nixpkgs contributors, and have been following the call of Nix in my career since graduating from university. Along the way, I've managed two NixOS releases, and I've been on the RFC
Steering Committee since 2021.

  • What Flakes needs (technically)
Luc Perkins

Luc is a Nix advocate at Determinate Systems

  • Nuenv: an experimental derivation builder for Nix
Martin Wimpress

Husband 💍 Father 👨‍👩‍👧 Open source advocate ❤️‍🔥 Linux enthusiast 🐧 Podcaster 🎙 Streamer 📡 Making Nix easier at Determinate Systerms ❄ Leads Ubuntu MATE 🧉

  • Blending NixOS with Flathub for friends and family
Nick Bathum

NixOS main since 2018

builder, curious, disorganized, yak-shaver who hasn't learned enough maths yet

They're helping plastic injection moulders save time at RJG Inc. While offline, they enjoy woodworking and being outside, preferably in the garden.

  • Adapting NixOS to fit local site constraints
Nitin Passa

Hi, I'm Nitin! I'm currently working as a quantitative software engineer at Two Sigma on the automated trading platform. Before that, I was at Cruise Automation working on the planning stack for the autonomous vehicle. I love using NixOS to tinker and self-host software. NixOS tames otherwise unmanageable complexity and enables me to explore interests away from the keyboard.

  • Single Website Firefox VMs with NixOS
Puck Meerburg

Puck was tricked into trying NixOS six years ago and, instead of giving in to its ways, decided to double down. As a result, she is maybe the person most well-versed with the Nix interpreter's internals, contorting Nix in ways never seen before.

  • Reinventing the wheel with Zilch
Rok Garbas

Rok is an Engineer at flox and a member of NixOS Marketing team.

Rok's journey started with many years of freelance work with Python and DevOps. Not being happy with the state of package management at the time, he found Nix in 2010 and has been a user, a contributor and an advocate since then.

Wherever he worked he put users first, either as a Release Engineer at Mozilla or as a consultant at Tweag. UX/DX became the language to "talk" to the users. Knowing that communicating the ideas is as important as having the technical skill is what makes Rok stand out. Understanding users and knowing how to talk to them is what brings a smile to Rok's face everyday.

Rok these days likes to tinker with Rust and is still excited when things work.

  • How to teach Nix in 5 minutes!
Ron, Eelco, Domen, Théophane, Jonas
  • NixOS Foundation Board Panel
Ron Efroni
  • NixCon 2023 Closing Ceremony
  • NixCon 2023 Opening Ceremony
  • NixCon Hiring Happy Hour
  • Nix State of the Union 2023
Ross Turk

Ross Turk is head of marketing and devrel at flox. Ross brings more than 20 years of experience creating software, managing complex IT systems, and helping companies understand and serve developers.

  • Nix in the Wild
Ryan Mulligan

ryantm has been using NixOS since 2015. In 2018, he made the r-ryantm which automatically opens thousands of pull requests to Nixpkgs every year. Ryan also created agenix for securing NixOS secrets and is a member of the Moderation Team focusing on organizing Discourse. Ryan is a software engineer at Replit helping them with developer experience and Nix.

  • Declaring an IDE with evalModules
Sergei K

Doctoral student at the Aalto University, working on image correspondences and, more generally, "inverse [problems in] graphics". Contributing to cudaPackages in nixpkgs

  • Nix for HPC: the case of cudaPackages
Silvan Mosberger

Silvan is working at Tweag, where he can spend all his time for open-source Nix contributions. He specializes in Nixpkgs architecture, NixOS modules and state-of-the-art improvements.

  • not-all-packages-anymore.nix
Sophie Tauchert

IT-security engineer, admin for, running NixOS everywhere and maintaining a few NixOS packages.

  • Daily-driving NixOS on the Librem 5

Sysadmin at XLN Audio. Maintainer of Impermanence and a few NixOS modules, such as Discourse and Keycloak.

  • Impermanence
Théophane Hufschmitt
  • Nix, but with a different frontend
Thomas Bereknyei
  • Dynamic Derivations: what and why
Valentin Gagarin

While switching careers to software engineering after working in education, film making and graphics design, Valentin got into Nix and NixOS on his never-ending endeavor of making computers work reliably in the long run.

He is an active member of the Nix community as @fricklerhandwerk. Working for Tweag since 2022, he is currently involved with Nix maintenance with a focus on improving documentation. He also contracts for the NixOS Foundation, supporting projects funded through the Next Generation Internet program.

  • This year in Nix documentation
Vladimir "farcaller" Pouzanov

Vladimir is an SRE with passion for optimization. He witnessed many attempts to do the declarative configuration right, before and during the kubernetes craze. After getting convinced of the nixos benefits, he started to look into solving the production payload configuration with nix, too.

  • Nix and Kubernetes: Deployments Done Right
Yorick van Pelt

Yorick is a part-time software engineer at Tweag.

He installed NixOS in 2014 and can never go back. This year, he's been working on improving the Nix interpreter.

When he's not at Tweag, he also works as a generative AI consultant: ask him anything about LLMs.

  • Using Nix from Python, using Python from Nix
Yvan Sraka

Yvan Sraka holds a master's degree in maths and computer sciences applied to biology from the Sorbonne University in Paris. Having discovered C++ programming as a child, he is involved in open-source communities. His previous commercial experience includes working in 3D Graphics and Runtime design with Rust, Nix, and Haskell. He used to teach Systems programming, Architecture, and DevOps to master's students and design algorithm competitions and kids/teens coding workshops (where he helps them build small video games). He lives in Belgium, loves biking, hiking, climbing, and vegan cooking.

  • Compiling to Nix: A Quick Overview
Zach Mitchell

Zach is an Engineer at flox, a member of the Nix Documentation Team, and the lead of the Learning Journey Working Group. Zach is pretty new to Nix, but has been writing Rust since 2018.

In a previous life Zach built lasers and did quantum mechanics simulations, but now he builds software with Rust and Nix. Zach has always had a knack for teaching, receiving multiple teaching awards during his PhD. This knack stems from an empathy for the struggles of new users of any technology. Enabling engineers and tinkerers alike to get things done or scratch their own itch has always been a joy for Zach.

In his free time Zach enjoys a good bike ride on either the road or a rocky mountain trail. He's also an avid disc golfer, an amateur whiskey sommelier, and a huge Dungeons & Dragons nerd.

  • Rust + Nix: More than the sum of their parts?
  • NixOS Governance conversation (1st session)