NixCon 2023

Nitin Passa

Hi, I'm Nitin! I'm currently working as a quantitative software engineer at Two Sigma on the automated trading platform. Before that, I was at Cruise Automation working on the planning stack for the autonomous vehicle. I love using NixOS to tinker and self-host software. NixOS tames otherwise unmanageable complexity and enables me to explore interests away from the keyboard.


Single Website Firefox VMs with NixOS
Nitin Passa

In this lightening talk, we'll walk through process of creating a virtual machine using NixOS which will start Firefox and visit a pre-configured website. We'll work-around the performance issue of building multiple VMs when there are many configured websites. To do so, we'll employ flake outputs for caching and QEMU's ability to forward configuration options to the VM. At the end, we'll have a browser setup with improved isolation and alternative UX.

Lecture hall (Room 122)